Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My wedding bouquet

So here it is!!

My wedding bouquet!

 its taken me about 3 months to do. Obviously the daffodils are all knitted, and in the trumpets are, some with jewel flower pins. and some have 3 pronged pearl heads that i broke off of something else and used wire to tie them together and place them in the centre of the trumpets.

Did you spot the bumble bees?!
I also placed little white butterflies in several places over the bouquet. And used a length of yellow ribbon and weaved it in and out between the flowers.  

            I wanted the shape of my bouquet to resemble a shower bouquet, so i bought some fake ivy and other fake greenery from the wonderful Taverham Garden Centre. I was able to use these to help me mould the shape of the bouquet into exactly what i wanted. I also used some other sprigs with pretty jewels on them.

Im pretty proud of the finished article. I had attempted a few different things before deciding to stick with the original idea of knitting the daffodils.

So id love to hear what everyone thinks of it!!

Thanks for looking x