Friday, November 02, 2012


This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

One of my favourite excuses to get crafty! Me and my little sister hosted a Halloween party on Wednesday, and we had so much fun getting ready for it!   

I made meringue ghosts taken from the Tesco website (allot harder than they looked!)    

The bats were made from foam and whipped up in about 5 minutes, but looked quite effecting hanging from my ceiling.

I organised a pumpkin carving competition, the guest were put in teams and given 7 minutes. Everyone was really chuffed with the outcome, its amazing how well people work when there's chocolate prizes at steak!! 
Anyone guess which pumpkin won??

My red hanging spiders! whipped up in even less time then the bats, around 30 seconds but I was so pleased with them! 

Finally green jelly with chocolate eyeballs, And jack o orange lanterns, made from hollowing out the oranges and carving faces in them, then filling them with green and orange jelly, they went down very well.

Thanks for visiting and reading!