Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Around the world in 30 years!


So my sister tuned 30 this year. We through her a party, with ofcourse the birthday cake!
 She has been to 11 different destinations over her 30 years, and I wanted that appreciated in her cake.

So.. We have of course her country of birth! The 3 tiers represented in our red, white and blue. Each flag to correspond with her destinations.

A fellow crazy cat lady, managed to come across at least one cat at every place she has visited! So I also included plenty of cats! Sitting atop the cake are her two pet cats made from fondant. And she sits nicely on her throne with a crown on top her head, like the queen she always claims she is. Made from soft fondant and sporting a red, white, and blue outfit matching her cake.

The layers of this 3 tier consist of a Victoria sponge with buttercream icing base. Lemon cake centre. And chocolate cake with marzipan top.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The daschund doggy cake

A classic vanilla Victoria sponge with butter cream filling. Marzipan and soft fondant to cover.
To replicate a lovely dascshund dog walk.


The cupcake bouquet


 This consists of a mixture of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with a delicious vanilla frosting
And soft fondant decoration.



Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Prom corsage

I was asked by my little sister to make her corsage for her prom.
Silk flowers and lots of ribbon, feathers and sparkles to match her beautiful dress.

Funeral wreath

A request made for 2 heart wreath s 

Banham Zoo wedding cake

A 4 tier traditional wedding cake consisting of fruit cake, classic Victoria, chocolate cake and red velvet cake.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Scrabble Berty Bassett cake


A scrabble cake for a fab grandad, a cheeky fan of Berty Bassett and his liquerish allsorts!

A very naughty request

I make as I'm requested. A chocolate cake for a bit of a bad boy.

sweet 16


My little sister's 16th Birthday. 10" 8" and 6" fruit cake, Victoria sponge, and chocolate cake .

knitted Christmas jumpers

2 hand knitted Christmas jumpers, made for my dad (in the red with the liver bird on the front for a massive Liverpool supporter!) and my grandad (snowman) 

Birthday cake for a arty lady

30th birthday cake, Victoria sponge, filled with buttercream and jam, covered with soft fondant.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Get in touch!

Christening Cake


A 2 tier cake for my daughters Christening. The bottom cake is Madeira sponge, with buttercream and jam filling.  The top cake is Devils food cake. Covered with marzipan and soft fondant, sprinkled with edible glitter. 

Fathers Day cake

For a super dad on Fathers Day. This particular dad loves all the Marvel characters. So we have... Superman of course, Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron man and Batman. 
A yummy 2 tier cake, made with a chocolate base and red velvet on top.


Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Moving up

On your Retirement cake

Made for a gardening fan. Now he can enjoy lazy days on his allotment. Happy Retirement Brian!  

go go Power Rangers!


A 4th Birthday cake for a little girl who is a very big fan of the Power Rangers! ( and they even turned up to visit her on her birthday! How lucky! )
The little figures are made from mouldable icing and the 2 tier cake is a Victoria sponge base filled with buttercream and a chocolate fudge top with chocolate filling.


60th Birthday Cake


A 60th Birthday cake for an injured lady! Had a nasty fall just a few weeks before her birthday. She sits atop this cake made from mouldable icing with little replica black boots she had to wear for six weeks! Alongside her crutches! The cake Madeira with buttercream and jam filling. Covered with soft icing. Decorated with piped icing .

Wedding a Cley Windmill

  This 3 tier wedding cake was made for my very best friend who got married in the beautiful windmill at Cley
                                                 In 2011.

The replica windmill cake topper is made from polymer clay for the couple to keep forever.

The layers of the cake consist of a fruit cake base, Victoria sponge with buttercream centre and chocolate cake top tier. All covered with a layer of marzipan and white soft icing.