Friday, February 26, 2016

Funeral flowers for an all time Norwich City football fan

Made for a friend. 
The yellow canary of the customers beloved football team.
Real fresh flowers and handmade note card and little stand.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A cake for a fisherman

                                                                                  A 70th Birthday cake . Victoria sponge, buttercream, jam, marzipan and delicious Rolled fondant.

Flowers for a funeral


I had been asked to arrange some funeral flowers for a friend. A lady who loved roses and the colour yellow. They came out really nice, and my friend was very happy.
And I was happy to have helped at a difficult time.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Liverpool cake!

A 50th Birthday cake for a big Liverpool fan.
The bottom layer is a classic Madeira cake with buttercream filling, marzipan and rolled fondant.
The football is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling and piped icing.
The liver bird is fondant.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

50th Birthday cake


Chocolate cake! With chocolate brownie filling, marzipan and royal icing!
Two mouldable fondant dogs to replicate the lady's lovely pooches. A little chihuahua and a greyhound.
24 slices.

Halloween cake!

Zombie brain!
Red velvet and cream cheese filling! Jam and marzipan.
24 slices.

Cake for charity

Donated for a fund raising event for The Big C cancer charity.
Victoria sponge, buttercream and jam filling, marzipan and fondant to cover.

Birthday cake Shoes and handbags

Another 21st Birthday cake request.
Victoria sponge, buttercream filling. Marzipan and white fondant.
This cake was ordered by the birthday girls mum, who asked that I make shoes and handbags for her daughters cake. She sent me in a few pictures of her daughters favourite pairs of shoes for me to replicate.

Birthday cakes elephant

This beautiful cake is made with Victoria sponge, butter cream and jam filling, marzipan and fondant. Around 48 slices.
All cakes are made to order with any customer specifications for complete satisfaction :)

Cakey cakey naughty naughty

This cake was made for a young lads 21st birthday party ;) a big fan of motor bikes and racing.
This is a classic Victoria sponge with butter cream filling. Around 90 slices.