Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I was clearing out my wardrobe and came across this halloween outfit i made last year! (im the 1 on the left)
 my sister had bought her dress from a charity shop again someone had obviously handmade it. We wanted to go as twins so i tried to copy the design and was really chuffed with the outcome.
I literally made the dress out of two cushion covers a double bed bottom sheet and a net cutrain!!

The back of the dress was my own added extra, as i had made the dress around my own measurements that i was taking (and im no dress maker!) i had made the dress to small at the back and so decided to do the corset back. I had some left over ribbon and added hoops all the way down the back and threaded the ribbon through, and it worked very well.

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  1. Great outfit. I am your swap partner for the jar swap. Now following you. Be back soon! X