Monday, August 20, 2012

Wedding Bits!

My mum once told me that my nanny's dad (A florist and organist) used to hand make little bumble bee's to go on his bouquets. sadly the few that my nanny kept have been lost and damaged through the years.) But the idea of having them on my wedding bouquet was defiantly something I wanted!

As you know for months and months i have been knitting daffodils for this wedding bouquet, and having searched and searched for something that would resemble these bumble bee's of my great granddads and finding nothing at all! I decided to make what i had in mind myself.

So here they are!

little yellow pom poms with black thread and a smaller black pom pom make the body. The wings were harder. I used tiny bits of bendy wire stuff that i found up (id obviously kept them off of something thinking they would come in handy one day!) made them into a circle and used a mesh fabric for the wings, then curled the wire for the antenna, and of course googly eyes to finish.

The bouquet is actually nearly finished, so look out for my bee's when i post the final picture!

Thanks for reading xxx


  1. Can't wait to see the finished bouquet Amanda, it sounds so original XX

  2. These are sooooo cute. What a good idea xx